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Wayne Halabura


Wayne has been an associate a member of the Club since July 2011. His club car is a 1932 Ford Roadster.

Wayne is blissfully married to wife Susan since 1982. They have three children. Daughter Jessie is a university student in Dentistry; Reid is a Computer Science graduate and Cody is an apprentice plumber. The youngest member of the family is Bernie, a 9 month old Blue Merle Sheltie.

All three kids love cars and grew up in the hobby. Jessie's first car was a 1964 Beaumont, Cody raced motocross for 8 years, and Reid loves the newer muscle cars and trucks.

Wayne is self-employed. He owns Halabura Holdings Ltd., and is owner of Montana Homes with his partner Jack Wur. Susan works for Century 21 Fusion Realty.

In 2006, Wayne and his partner Jack, started a new home building company which they still own today (Montana Homes). Our economy has escaped the terrible recession that has hit most of North America, and the world. Our companies have been very successful, and I am very fortunate to have great employees that have allowed us to enjoy our love of cars.

His hobbies include traveling, visiting their summer home, cars, rod runs, and car meets. Susan loves painting and playing the piano. Susan is the social butterfly in the family.

Wayne has built 32 hot rods in total, and presently owns a 1932 Ford roadsters, 1932 Ford 3-window coupe and a 1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28.

Cars are his passion. If he's not building them, he's reading about them. He likes to relax every night and read about dry lakes racing, Rodders Journal, and all the books about great builders, and the history of our hobby.

His earliest memories of cars were hanging around with his older brother in 1959. He was 13 years older than Wayne and a member of the Draggins Car Club. He would take him to club meetings, stock car races, car shows, and just generally hanging out with the guys.

Wayne was introduced to the parts cleaner solvent tank and would be knee deep cleaning parts while his brother would be welding, grinding and building various pieces.

He learned to weld at 9 years old, and during school would draw engines and wheels on his notebooks. He slot car raced in the 60’s and built a ton of model cars. When he was 13, he got a job at the local drag strip, and ran the barrel starter that started the dragsters rather than pushing them down the track to start.

Wayne's first car was a 1956 Chevy Nomad that he bought with a blown up engine. He rebuilt the engine and finished the car while working at the local muffler shop.

In 1975 at age 21, he opened his own speed shop (Champion Auto Center) and ran that until he sold it in 1988. Then he opened an OK Tire and Auto Service Center which is a coast to coast franchise in Canada that had 80 stores when he joined and now has over 250 stores. He sat on the board of directors for five years, and still owns that store. He just started his 21st year in thw business.

When he sold the speed shop, he got involved in purchasing and building commercial real estate, and owns a number of commercial properties.

What it means to be a member of the
L. A. Roadsters:  To me the Club is a big extended family with a common love of cars.
The L.A. Roadsters have such a great history of promoting the hobby. I wanted to be able to contribute in a small way as well, and extend our friendships to fellow hot rodders and their families. Their is a lot of great history associated with the Club and and it's important that it continues for many years to come. There is a commitment from all members and I wanted to be a part of it.