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Rudy Perez


In 2018, Rudy became a Lifetime Member of the club.

Rudy has been an associate member of the club from 1961-1972, and was reinstated in 1995 and most recently in 2009. His club car is a newly-built 1932 Ford Roadster. He also owns a 1928 Ford Roadster Pickup, 1926 Bonneville C/GMR and C/GS Bonneville Streamliner.

When Rudy originally got in the Club in 1961, he owned the blue 1923 "T" Bucket pictured at right. The car was a runner, it made four trips a year to events in Los Angeles. He owned the car until 1964 when he sold it to build a Dragmaster Instant "T" from Jim Nelson and Dode Martin's Shop.

In February 2012, Diane passed away after a long battle with cancer. She will truly be missed by Rudy, family and friends.

Rudy was married to wife Diane and they have two sons (Chris and Matt). Chris is a Systems Manager at PG&E and loves riding motorcycles. Matt is married to Sarah and they have blessed us with Macy, our first grand-daughter. Matt is a Architectural Sheet Metal man at Air Systems and Sarah works at a large CPA firm and is attending college at night. In Matt's spare time, he enjoys fishing in the San Francisco Bay.

Also part of the family is Deuce the English 50 lb. Bulldog and Cinco the adopted abandoned and homeless cat that now has a home.

Rudy is retired after 38 years with GM Parts. Diane is retired from Kaiser Permanente as Manager of Medical Legal Services.

Rudy has a life long passion for photography, horseless carriages, hot rods, drag racing since 1952, and Bonneville Land Speed racing since 1955.

Rudy grew up in the world of racing with his Dad. His Dad owned midgets and sprinters in the late '30s and after WWII into the early '50s. Rudy has owned two gas dragsters; two top fuel dragsters; a 1926 and 1931 Bonneville Gas Roadsters; 1952 Scorpion Crosley Hot Shot Road Racer and a 1928 Chevrolet Sports Roadster.

What it means to be a member of the L. A. Roadsters:  Rudy and Diane are proud and privileged to be members of such a distinguished group of people, who historically love, enjoy and share in driving roadsters.

One of Rudy's proudest moments as a member was when he was inducted into the Grand National Roadster Show Hall of Fame, and the Club was present. His yellow roadster, shown at right, won the "Best Street Driven Hot Rod" with 185,500 miles awarded by the Brizio Family.