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History of the L. A. Roadster's Show and Pewter Mug

By Bob Neal, June 21, 2009

Bob Neal has been attending the L. A. Roadster Show, in the same roadster
(1923 T-Bucket), since 1971. He has a proud collection of 38 pewter mugs, and thought it would be interesting to document and share the history of the famous L. A. Roadster show and it’s pewter mugs with other roadster enthusiasts.

The first 3 shows that participant pewter mugs were passed out were at the Hollywood Bowl in 1960, 1961 and 1967.

The next 12 shows the pewter mugs were passed out at the Great Western Exhibit Center in 1968-1979.

The next 30 shows the pewter mugs were passed out at the Pomona Fairplex from 1980-2009.

For 45 years the pewter mugs have been passed out to participants.

1967 was the first year the event was to be titled “L. A. Roadster Exhibition and Swap Meet” and was the first show held of Father’s Day.

1985 the event was increased to a 2-day show.

1995 the total number of roadsters on display were 750 and 2,200 dash plaques were issued.

2000 a new roadster record was achieved, 800 roadsters were on display.

1977 was the Club’s 20th Anniversary.

1987 was the Club’s 30th Anniversary.

1997 was the Club’s 40th Anniversary.

1998 was the first year the Roadster (car) was engraved on the mug.

2007 was the Club’s 50th Anniversary.

2009 over 850 roadsters were on display at the show.

Thank you Bob for this great piece of history!