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Bob Barnes

Bob has been a member of the club since 1967.  His club car is a 1934 Ford Roadster.  During his time in the club, he has held the office of Secretary. 

In 2009 Bob became a Lifetime Member of the Club. He has been an Active Member for 52 years.

Bob has owned many cars. Besides his club Roadster, he currently owns:  1955 Chevy station wagon Bellwood, 1964 Dodge Hemi, 1967 Dodge Charger, 1961 Chevy 2-door wagon, 1965 Mercury AFX, 1959 Chevy Gasser, 1961 Ford 2-door wagon, and 1962 Thunderbird. 

Bob has been married to his wife Sally for 50 years.  Their children are three spoiled mini-dachshounds.

Bob owns a chrome-plating business. Sally is a retired quilter.

Bob’s hobbies include, cars, antique bikes, and surfboards.

The top car picture is how his beautiful roadster looks today, the bottom picture is the day he bought it in 1966 and brought it home to show his girlfriend Sally. Bob has owned this roadster for 52 years - I would say it's a keeper!

What it means to be a member of the
L. A. Roadsters:  Fun with cars and people that share the same interest.


Bottom Picture: Bob & Sally when they were dating in the roadster.