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Paul Winson

Paul was a member for 26 years, took a break from the club for a few years, and returned as an active member in May 2011.

In 2016, Paul became a Lifetime Member with 30 years as a member of the club.

His club car is a 1931 Ford Roadster.  He also owns a 1931 Ford Model A Closed Cab Pickup and a 1927 Model T Bonneville Roadster.

From January 2018 to present, Paul is our Club President. He has held every office in the club, except president, two or three times - until now. He has been the Show Commercial Chairman for 1989-1990 and again in 1996-2005. He's even done the Club Newsletter.

Paul is divorced and has two children. Daughter Elizabeth and son Paul. They have four family dogs: Copper a Cocker Spaniel, Wolfie a Belgium Shepherd, Roxie a German Shepherd and Cinnamon a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

He is a semi-retired metal man and automotive painter.

Paul is also a member of the High Desert Marines and the Bonneville 200 MPH Club.

What it means to be a member of the
L. A. Roadsters:  It's like playing for the
New York Yankees "Just the Best".