• Can I pre-register for the show?
    There is no pre-registration for cars or swappers in the show.  Entry to the show is by first-come-first serve.  Commercial vendors are the only participants that must pre-register and receive an assigned space.

  • Does my pre-36 roadster qualify for the show?
    Yes. All roadsters entered into the “Roadster Show” must be 1936 or older, finished cars with upholstered interior and gloss paint jobs.  If your roadster does not meet the entry requirements, you are welcome to enter your car in the Specialty Parking area of the show.

  • What gate do I enter with my roadster?
    Roadsters enter through Main Gate #1.

  • What is the cost to enter my roadster?
    Roadster, driver and one passenger are free. The roadster entry includes two passes for Saturday night’s dinner and Pewter Mug on Sunday.

  • When do I get my Pewter Mug?
    The mugs are handed out in the late afternoon on Sunday.  Roadster participants must be present to pickup their mug.

  • Can I sell my roadster in the show?

  • Do you have specialty car parking?
    Specialty car parking is available for pre-75 cars only. Classics, hot rods and other special interest cars will be entered in this large parking area, forming a hugh car show. This is also a perfect area to enter cars for sale.

  • What is the cost to park in specialty car parking?
    The cost is $10 per car and $20 per person per day, children under 12 are free.

  • Can I reserve a swap space?
    No.  All swap spaces are first-come-first serve.
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  • What is the cost for a swap space?
    Spaces for Saturday and Sunday are $70. Sunday only spaces are $35, subject to availability. Most spaces sell out on Friday. There is no space saving. Each swap space comes with two weekend passes. Each additional weekend pass is $35 per person.

  • What gate do I enter as a swapper?
    Swappers enter through Gate #15 off Arrow Highway.

  • Where do swap meet buyers park?
    Swap Meet buyers may park in Spectator Parking at Gate #9 on White Avenue or Gate #15 on Arrow Highway. A tram will be available to the Swap Meet area and return for transporting parts. Your Gate #9 parking ticket will provide entrance at Gate #15 for large item pick-up only.

  • When can I enter the swap meet to sell?
    Many swappers start to line up early, but cannot enter the swap area until Friday morning starting at 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday opens at 6:00 am to 4:00 pm, Sunday opens at 6:00 am.  All spaces are subject to availability. Most spaces sell out on Friday.

  • Do you accept credit cards or personal checks to pay for my swap space in the show?
    We do not accept credit cards, but checks will be accepted with proper identification.

  • What items will I find in the swap meet?
    A wide variety of motor vehicles, hard to find parts, accessories, tools, and related items. Items for sale should be car-related items only.

  • What is the size of the swap space?
    Swap spaces are 15’ x 25’.

  • If I bring a trailer to the Swap Meet, do I have to pay to park it in a space?
    Yes.  All swap spaces are
    15’ x 25’.  If you exceed the size of the space, you will need to purchase additional space(s) to accommodate your trailer or motorhome.

  • When can I unload my trailer in the Swap Meet?
    All trailers must be unloaded in the swap meet space and cannot be removed. There is no off-site parking available for swapper’s trailers.

  • How do I make sure my swap space is reserved if I leave the show?
    Swappers must occupy their own spaces.  The Club is not responsible if you leave your space unattended.

  • Can swappers camp overnight in the swap area?
    Yes.  Swappers can camp overnight in their self-contained vehicles in their own swap space. Restrooms will be open for your convenience.  There is also the Fairplex KOA/RV Park located at 2200 N. White Avenue.  For reservations call
    (888) KOA-4230.

  • What are the hours of the show?
    Saturday and Sunday the show hours are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.

  • What gate do I enter for specialty parking?
    Enter through Gate #17 off McKinley Avenue.

  • Can I sell my car at the show?
    Yes, in Specialty Parking.  The show has been know as the perfect place to buy or sell a cool car.

  • Do you rent mobility scooters or wheelchairs?
    Yes.  Again this year, Electric Scooter and Manual Wheelchair rentals will be available from One Stop Mobility. Reserve your equipment before the show and it will be waiting for you at the Spectator entrance.
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  • What is the cost for spectators attending the show?
    Admission to the show for
    adults is $20 per day, children under 12 are free.

  • Do you have a spectators weekend special?
    Yes, for $35 per person you can purchase a weekend pass.

  • What gate do spectators enter for parking?
    For main spectator parking, enter Gate #9 off White Avenue or Gate #15 off Arrow Highway. The Fairplex charges for parking, but does offer a free tram service to and from the parking lot to the Ticket Booths.

  • Where do spectators buy tickets?
    Tickets will be available at the Main Spectator’s Ticket booth off Gate #9 entrance. They will also be available at the ticket booth near the swap area off Gate #15. Parking will be available in both parking lots.

  • Tram Service will be available during show hours from one end of the show to the other. A tram will also be available in each spectator parking lot to transport spectators to and from their car.

  • Do you accept credit cards or personal checks for admission to the show?
    We do not accept credit cards, but checks will be accepted with proper identification. If you need cash, there is an ATM near the ticket booth and in the show, but you must buy your admission ticket first to gain access the show.

  • How do I reserve a Commercial space in the show?
    For the 2015 show we will be offering pre-registration for our Commercial Trade Show.
    More information

    Contact Lynn Houchin at
    (949) 939-8192 (Cell) or E-mail lynnatlar@aol.com to reserve a space
    in the Commercial Trade Show. The Commercial Trade Show has been expanded to accommodate more vendors.

  • What gate do commercial vendors enter?
    Vendors will enter through
    Gate #15.

  • What are the hours for Commercial vendor setup/move-in?
    Exhibitor move-in is Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm only. No Saturday or Sunday move-in.

  • When can Commercial vendors tear-down their exhibit?
    The show will close on Sunday at 4:00 pm. For safety reasons, vendors cannot tear-down their exhibits until the show closes after 4:15 pm and all spectators have left the show grounds.  Vendor trailers will be allowed to enter the show at 4:15 pm from the vendor parking area through Gate #15.

  • Can I bring my dog or pet to the show?
    No. The Fairplex has a strict rule on “no pets” in the show.  Please leave your pets at home where they are safe and comfortable, and not in the hot weather or a locked car.

  • Do you have Vendor trailer parking?
    Yes. Trailers can be parked in the designated area only. You will enter through Gate #15.

  • Do you have handicap parking? 
    Yes.  All parking is handled by the Fairplex. They do offer handicap parking close to the show ticket booths.

  • Do you have a tram to and from the parking lot?
    Yes.  Thank goodness.  We know that it is a long walk to your car after a long day at the show. The Fairplex does offer a free Tram Service to and from the parking lot.  The drop-off and pick-up area is near the Spectators Ticket Booths.

  • Can I bring my own golf cart?
    No.  Due to liability with the Fairplex, the only golf carts allowed on the premises are those that have been contracted by the Club. 
  • Do you rent golf carts?

  • Is there an ATM at the show?
    Yes. The Fairplex does have an ATM near the main ticket booth and in the show.

  • Do you sell show T-shirts?
    Yes.  We have the best selection of T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc., of any car show.
  • Do you have show souvenirs that I can purchase?
    Yes.  We have the greatest souvenirs available.  Each year we offer a unique selection to choose from. We accept cash, credit and debit cards for your souvenir purchases. Don't leave the show without one!

  • Is there food and beverages available at the show?
    Yes.  Food and beverages are offered by the Fairplex.  This year the selection will be increased to offer a wide variety of foods and beverages.

  • What hotels are in the area?
    Many hotels in the area are offering special rates for our guests. Ask if they offer a Roadster Show special rate at the hotels listed in the Lodging Section of Show News.

  • Are there RV facilities in the area?
    Yes. The Fairplex KOA/RV Park is located at 2200 N. White Avenue.  For reservations call (888) KOA-4230.

  • Should I bring my favorite father to the show?
    Yes…..by all means.  Treat your Dad to a show he’ll never forget. 

    See ya at the show!